2016 RGC Flower Show

The Raleigh Garden Club sponsored a flower show at our May 4th meeting.  The show was called “At the Movies”  and used movie titles to set the stage for an exhibit of horticultural specimens and floral designs. 

"At the Movies, a small Standard Flower Show*, was lots of fun for our members and a very pretty show to see what is blooming in early May this year in the Triangle garden.  We had 69 entries – 12 in design and the rest in horticulture.

This was a judged show, and our thanks to the National Garden Club accredited flower show judges who came from distant towns to judge our show. Putting on a flower show according to National Garden Club standards is a big project and takes a lot of coordination.

The Chair of the show (Mary D.) did a wonderful job setting up a theme that was engaging and seeing the whole show came off well. The Classification and Placement chairs for Horticulture (Vandy B. and Anita K.) worked wonders setting up: they had to group (officially the term is sub-class) the horticulture as it came in so similar specimens were together.  Melanie W. as Design chair, recruited 12 stunning designs which included an underwater design and a breakfast tray, as well as a design on a pedestal.

The  winner of the Award of Horticultural Excellence was Patsy S. for her stunning foxglove, the Winner of the Award of Design Excellence was Erica W. for a design entitled “The Emerald City” in a class with the theme of the “Wizard of Oz.”  There were ribbon winners in the approximately 19 classes of horticulture and 3 classes of designs in all.

Our president mentioned the show was a highlight of the meeting, and the members really enjoyed it. One member loved getting some ideas for setting a breakfast tray – she has been caring for people sick in bed recently.  Everyone enjoyed the lovely flowers of the horticulture, and hopefully some of these beauties will be planted in more gardens over the next month.See the titles of the classes and details in the schedule

What is a Standard Flower Show?

Flower shows help spread the word about the joys of gardening.

A flower show is a competitive exhibition of floral designs and horticulture, and a Standard Flower Show is one that follows the rules and criteria of National Garden Clubs, Inc. in the Handbook for Flower Shows (2007).  The basic components of a flower show are a location and date, a chairman of the show, a schedule stating the types of exhibits, staging for the exhibits and judges.

Standard Flower Shows are among garden clubs most popular educational and social activities.  These colorful, enjoyable events give club members an opportunity to exhibit horticulture and floral arrangements from members of the garden clubs. 





Upcoming Flower Shows

Stay tuned for more flower shows in the near future.