Arbor Day Tree Plantings at Fletcher Park

  • 1989 5 dogwoods for L Powell, Bess Milhonen, Frances Erdahl, Marion Troxley, Muriel Steppe

  • March 20, 1992

    The Arbor Day ceremony was held to honor past president and friend Connie Troutman. A beautiful tulip magnolia in full bloom was planted in Fletcher Park. No information as to where this tree was planted.

  • March, 1995 – 2 magnolias,  Fletcher Park for Glennie Freeman and Bessie Buck. No information as to where this tree was planted.
  • April 2005 –  A scarlet Oak was planted for Annie Mae Horton (link to October Footprints treasure hunt for the pictures).  We know approximately from pictures where it was planted

  • April 2007 Styrex japonicus ‘Emerald Pagoda’  - Japanese snowbell for Pat Olejar.  The pictures show it wasplantedby a white house next to fletcher Foundation bldg., with retaining wall. Can see in Google maps…3d, pix dsc_0057 & 55

  • 2008 –  -to left of brick, 2-story building, facingwhite entrance porch

    Golden Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia) for Julia Riley. See the directions and the pictures in Oct footprints #3.                Pix dsc_0053

  • 2010 – Fletcher Park(no pix) tree sheet and program forJackie Henry, Joan Little and Bessie Widenhouse (DSC-005-6).  Nyssa sylvatica ‘Wildfire’ (Black Tupelo), Carpinus caroliniana (America hornbeam)

  • April 2012 – Fletcher Park – map arbor day/dsc_0079 marks places. In honor of Mabel Barbee ( Pin Oak), Mary Bode (White Oak), Muriel Roberts (Swamp White Oak), Elizabeth Uzzell(tulip poplar)-- with signs