Girls of the Garden Club Survey

This survey is in reference to StageWorks Theatre of Holly Springs upcoming comedic play called Girls of the Garden Club.
I think it would be fun for the Raleigh Garden Club to sponsor a pre-preformance reception for ALL of the local garden clubs at one of the performances of this play. I am looking for input as to whether others would participate. So if you could take this survey, it would help me decide if we could pull this off. Thanks in advance - Penny Amato

Name *
Would you attend this play at any of the following times? (Select ALL the times you could go as we are trying to plan a date) *
Would you pay $14 to attend the play?
Would you attend a pre-performance reception ? *
If yes, would you prefer the option for beer or wine even if it meant attending on a Friday or Saturday only?
Would you be willing to bring a snack or dessert to share for a light reception? *
If you went to a pre-performance reception, would you be willing to give a small donation as a fundraiser?
Would you like to go on stage as an extra?
Would you be interested in a POST-performance session with the director?
Would you be willing to LOAN a houseplant to Stageworks for 2 weeks?