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Past Event February 2019 - A Crack Epidemic . . . Crevice Gardening in the Triangle with Low-Water-Need Plants Growing in Recycled Concrete with Tony Avent and Jeremy Schmidt

Tony Avent is the owner of Plant Delights Nursery, Inc., selling mail-order rare, unusual, and native perennial plants, and of Juniper Level Botanical Garden, which holds more than 24,800 unique accessions. He and Jeremy will share the story of the massive new rock garden installation at Plant Delights. Built of recycled concrete from the property, the “weaponized limestone” crevice garden has made it possible to grow many rock garden plants here in the Southeast!

Left: Photo used by permission of Kenton J. Seth  Right: Photo by Bobby J. Ward

Left: Photo used by permission of Kenton J. Seth Right: Photo by Bobby J. Ward

Tony is Raleigh’s own horticulture superstar! He has conducted plant explorations all over the world, including Mexico-1994; China-1996; Korea-1997; Argentina-2002; South Africa-2005; Thailand-2005; Taiwan-2008, Crete-2010; Bosnia-2012; Croatia-2012; Montenegro-2012; Slovenia-2012; Vietnam-2005 plus 67 other plant expeditions in the U.S. since 1994. He is also a hybridizer of hostas, rare bulbs and hardy aroids; a freelance garden writer; an international garden lecturer; and a plant auctioneer extraordinaire.

Jeremy Schmidt has worked at Plant Delights for over ten years. His current position is Grounds and Research Supervisor for Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. He has done most of the construction of the crevice gardens there.

Lunch menu:  Chicken Marsala, fresh fruit salad, baked potato, sautéed squash, rolls, member provided dessert, iced tea, coffee, and water