This year, the Floral Design Study Group will emphasize design principles with help from some alumnae of previous study groups who will be coach, peer reviewer, study-buddy, and cheerleader for this year’s group members. The objective for each of the four sessions will be applying the basics* to a specific design type each time. There will be a brief introduction for the session, including some “show” as well as “tell”; then all will work and talk about their creations. Even if the design type is familiar to you, there will always be new avenues to explore, new ways to see potential, new challenges and, hopefully, new joy in discovering what wonderful things happen when you play with plants.

Each session will have a theme for the featured design. Plant material will be provided for the first session, but all are encouraged to use their own gardens/yards/houseplants as resources.

*Elements and principles of design: line, form, color, texture, pattern, size, space, and light are the “elements” you have to work with, applying the “principles” of balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, scale and rhythm.  When you know something is not right, these concepts help you put your finger on just what that is. Similarly, the same concepts will help you describe why it is that everything’s gone right.

2016-2017 Programs

No more programs for this year's study group. Stay tuned for more fun activities next year!


In September, the Floral Design Group learned about Line Mass Arrangements.