This year, the Floral Design Study Group emphasized design principles with help from some alumnae of previous study groups who played the role of coach, peer reviewer, study-buddy, and cheerleader for this year’s group members. The objective for each of the four sessions was applying the basics* to a specific design type each session starting with a brief introduction, including some “show” as well as “tell”; then we all "designed", then  talked about our creations. 

*Elements and principles of design: line, form, color, texture, pattern, size, space, and light are the “elements” you have to work with, applying the “principles” of balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, scale and rhythm.  When you know something is not right, these concepts help you put your finger on just what that is. Similarly, the same concepts will help you describe why it is that everything’s gone right.

2016-2017 Programs

This past year's events included Line Mass arrangements, Table designs, Reflective (shiny) designs, and finished with the challenge of small designs with a maximum of 8" in each direction.

Stay tuned for more fun activities next year!


In September, the Floral Design Group learned about Line Mass Arrangements.