The Horticulture Group was formed to increase members' knowledge and enjoyment of growing and using plants in the landscape and home. Programs of the Horticulture Study Group are educational to give more in-depth knowledge of various horticulture topics and to have fun sharing our common interest in plants.

Our new Horticulture Group Leader Ann L is a National Garden Club Master Landscape Design Consultant

Our new Horticulture Group Leader Ann L is a National Garden Club Master Landscape Design Consultant

This past year the Horticulture Group hosted the January 2 General Meeting with guest speaker Leanne Kenealy, Plant Breeding and Nursery Technician at JCRA. She presented a program on the basics of home propagation. In May, the Horticulture Group also went on a trip to Pinehurst’s beautiful Sandhills Horticultural Gardens followed by lunch at Ann's family farm in Cartharge.

No Remaining Programs for the 2018-2019 RGC year

New programs will be announced in July 2019

Photos from the Horticulture Group’s visit to the Horticultural Gardens at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst Spring 2019.

2017/2018 Activities

This past year, the Horticulture Group sponsored the October general meeting, when the inspiring Brie Gluvna Arthur spoke about her book, The Foodscaping Revolution with a follow up activity where members made there own edible winter veggie containers. Other programs for the year included potting plants for the spring plant sale, making troughs out of styrofoam fish boxes,  hosting a Master Gardener pruning demonstration, and a walk through the JCRA Winter Garden. In April we visited  two outstanding plantsmen, one who specializes in succulents and the other in hostas. We finished the year with tours of three members' outstanding gardens 

2016/2017 Activities

Activities for the 2016/2017 RGC year included a container garden workshop, potting plants at members' houses for the spring plant sale, visiting the Chrysanthemum Festival at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, touring the  JC Raulston Arboretum with a young professional and visitiing the nursery of a seasoned plantsman. We finished the year with tours of 4 private gardens.